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Dyena OFFSHORE Premium provides trials data for naval architects

The global maritime data tracking and shock measurement specialist, Dyena, has launched a version of their monitoring system aimed at supporting Naval Architects running vessel trials.

Dyena OFFSHORE Premium records detailed information on a vessel’s motion, position and performance, through various parameters including pitch, roll, yaw and accelerations in 3 axes. With sampling up to 1000 Hz, all data is recorded alongside GPS data to include SOG, COG, time and position. With upto 2 years memory capacity, the system provides high resolution data for development and long-term trials…….

16 September 2019

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Dyena OFFSHORE protects boat builders from false warranty claims

Dyena has launched a version of their monitoring system aimed at manufacturers who want log vessel usage. The continuing drive for more power and performance in conjunction with shock mitigating seating becoming a standard fitment, owners are more easily able to push the limits of vessels potential.


10 September 2019

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Dyena & Ring Powercraft form collaboration at Speed@Seawork 2019

The global maritime data tracking and shock measurement specialist, Dyena, has announced its collaboration at Speed@Seawork, with the British high-performance commercial and leisure boat manufacturer, Ring Powercraft.

Ring will be hosting Dyena’s OFFSHORE tracking and shock measurement system on its RP-M1050 Tactical RHIB (pictured). The Ring M1050 is being showcased and sea trialled on day one of the Speed@Seawork event, which focuses on fast vessels and innovative ancillary maritime products, held in the challenging conditions of the Solent, UK.


09 June 2019

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Dyena releases whitepaper on:

Utilising vessel data monitoring to improve crew safety

Following the interest in their presentation at the NEXT GEN Safety Systems & Equipment Workshop held in Southampton on April, Dyena has released a whitepaper on the benefits of using data monitoring to improve crew safety in the maritime environment.

In recent years there has been growing acceptance of the need to protect maritime crew from the shocks and impacts received during open water transits. This is evident in the explosion of shock mitigating seating products available and the associated press articles, conferences, and government contracts all based around the subject.

Scientists have been utilising acceleration data logging for many years to research the magnitude of the forces imparted upon the vessel, equipment and occupants. But is it now relevant for vessel operators to use data monitoring?


15 May 2019

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Dyena LiveTRAX for autonomous fishery monitoring

Continuing their release of new products; Dyena has launched its new fisheries VMS system.  A response to the industry requirement for low cost vessel monitoring systems deploying across entire fleets of small fishing vessels. Building upon their experience of supplying VMS solutions for offshore projects including the Rampion and Galloper Windfarms, the new Dyena LiveTRAX system is very simple to install and includes safeguards against improper use or tampering.

This data provides the Fishery Authority with real data to evaluate and plan the management of the fish stocks in their Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), now particularly relevant with the replacement of the EU Common Fisheries Policy.


19 January 2019

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Connected ​vessel monitoring and crew tracking

Since releasing their original device in 2012, Dyena has continued to advance their vessel monitoring systems, supplying government agencies including the Royal Navy, US Navy, and commercial wind farm operators such as E.ON and RWE.

Dyena supplies hardware to wind farm construction operations in the North Sea as part of an integrated marine management system providing real-time operational data that covers a wide range of offshore wind farm activities from vessel motion monitoring and crew tracking to turbine structural monitoring and tracking of strategic spares.


24 May 2018

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