Vessel motion and performance data from anywhere in the world

Simple to fit and autonomous in operation, recording acceleration and vessel motion in 6 axes, GPS position and speed, along with the crew manifest; uploading all data to the cloud server for review from anywhere in the world.

Online Portal

The Dyena OFFSHORE internet data portal provides simple access to all the data. Select a vessel from the calendar to see data from a complete voyage or adjust the timescale adjusted to see high resolution data.

The course taken by the vessel is displayed on the map, with the performance and motion data on the graphs below. Data from multiple days and vessels can be overlaid for comparison.

  • Peak values in all axes displayed

  • Zoom in to see higher resolution data

  • Overlay data from multiple transits or vessels

  • Inspect any incidents in detail

  • No software to install, uses Chrome web browser

  • Download data

  • Scheduling condition based maintenance based upon actual events

  • Reduces costs, removes risk and increases vessel availability

Smartphone apps

The Dyena WORK app provides an efficient and robust system to increase the safety of staff, taking only a few seconds to record details of any situation or problem and send it securely to the relevant department.

For staff working in remote or hazardous environments this provides a real time overview of their well being, allowing the employer to be confident in the commitment to health and safety.

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Custom Systems

Dyena provide custom hardware and software solutions for clients requiring unique features and operating performance. Please contact us to discuss you project.