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Simulators For Marcom-A Training And Ecdis Type Specific Training

Since February 2020 JRC/Alphatron’s training department in Rotterdam has new VSTEP simulators available on which trainees can be trained while using the latest software. With these new simulators up and running, the company has announced the re-introduction of ECDIS Type Specific Training and Marcom-A training. The ECDIS Type Specific Training for both JRC and Wärtsilä

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Virtual Reality In Maritime World.

It is strange that Virtual Reality, for years an essential instrument in the aeronautic world, hasn’t appeared in the maritime environment.  But this fact doesn’t mean that there aren’t company working on this subject.  The main examples are Videotel and Wilhelmsen both E-learning providers that in the last month started to test the VR technology,

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