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Cyber Security Planning Help

A new interactive infographic summarises the key considerations owners and operators should make when building a cyber security plan. The Shipowners' Club infographic is based on the IMO's recommendation of a cyber security risk management framework based in five functional elements: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. 'Identify' - which systems are vulnerable to attacks, which systems

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Sanctions Evaders Slipping Through The Net

Over the last six months, twice as many vessels have demonstrated suspicious behaviour regarding sanctions as have been put on sanctions lists. This is the latest data from maritime analytics company Windward, which highlighted the scale of the task compliance teams face in vetting vessels. The release of the data follows the sanctioning of Rosneft

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New IMO’s Limits.

Starting from the 1st March is a ban on the carriage of non-compliant fuel, unless the vessel has a scrubber, as ordered by the IMO (International Maritime Organization). The IMO decision (made in 2019, became law the 1st January) has the aim to reduce the sulphur emissions by over 77% between the 2020 and 2025

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