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Carbon-Reduction Trends And Projections

A new industry outlook outlines the latest trends and projections on carbon-reduction strategies for shipping as the industry looks to meet decarbonisation ambitions. ABS' 'Setting the Course to Low Carbon Shipping' examines new fuels, technologies and operational measures and matches that with forecasts for the world’s key trade lanes to envision what shipping may look like in

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Rubbish-Collecting Technology Seeks Support

A pollution-tackling company is seeking support for its new development which intercepts river borne rubbish before it escapes to sea. The Ocean Cleanup's Interceptor uses a ‘barrier’ that is optimised with the river’s natural current to guide waste to a moored collection unit. This is a 24m long, autonomous catamaran barge with a central conveyor

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AI Seabed Cleaning Using Robots And Ai

The latest research project being undertaken by the Germen research centre Fraunhofer CML is a project that aims at cleaning the ocean seabed using a combination of robots and artificial intelligence. It is estimated that the oceans contain between 26 and 66 million tons of waste with approximately 94% of this total located on the

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