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Equipment Orders For Offshore Wind Vessels

Equipment orders have been made for four offshore wind service vessels to enable them to service wind farms efficiently. MacGregor, part of Cargotec, received the equipment orders for the offshore wind vessels, which will expand the Edda Wind fleet, the offshore wind segment of the Østensjø Group. "MacGregor is delighted to have been selected to

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Solar Technology For Improved Port Safety

An off-grid solar module manufacturer is expanding its commitment to the use of solar technology. In addition to panels for smart lighting solutions and traffic sensors, OPES Solutions is supplying integrated solar technology for maritime safety ladders made by the Danish manufacturer Port-Safety. “The LifeLadder is a good example of how solar power makes new

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Free Charting Data Overlay

To help offset stresses on overworked bridge teams and crew driven by the current pandemic, ChartWorld is offering its CIO+ Information Overlay Service free of charge to all vessels until the crew exchange process has been resolved. ChartWorld Information Overlay, known as CIO+, is a data overlay shown in ECDIS as a user chart, loaded

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Maritime Training Courses Moving Online

The Covid-19 pandemic has precipitated many ongoing trends in the maritime economy, not least the move of many training courses onto online platforms. For example, UK-based SeaRegs Training has moved many of its courses online such as RYA Navigation and Radar training, MCA Master Oral Prep for Master 200/OOW500/Boatmaster and the SQA Electronic Chart Systems

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Plan Ahead To Avoid Supply Delays

A global supplier of marine distress signals has urged businesses to order pyrotechnic products ahead of their expiry dates, following the updated guidance of certification of goods for seafarers released by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. WesCom Signal and Rescue stressed the importance of forward planning for the

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