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New Depth Map Over The Arctic Ocean

Details of a new depth map of the Arctic Ocean have been published in the nature journal 'Scientific Data'. The new portrayal of the Arctic Ocean floor is in the form of a digital gridded database and comprises Version 4.0 of the International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO). The gridded compilation has been

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Rov Electric Manipulator Breakthrough

As underwater vehicles are moving into an increasingly all-electric future, a seven-function all-electric work-class manipulator has been developed. This breakthrough from Saab Seaeye in the UK heralds a significant advance in underwater robotic technology in the growing electric tooling and vehicle market. The all-electric work-class seven-function manipulator introduces an equally powerful, more precise and more

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EdgeTech, a specialist in high resolution sonar imaging systems and underwater technology, recently promoted Gene Andella to the role of Customer Service Manager. Gene has worked with EdgeTech for over seven years. He started on the factory floor building EdgeTech products and then moved into a Customer Support role six years ago. Gene has valuable

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Unmanned Hydrographic Survey Operations

Amsterdam-based survey company Deep BV will upgrade one of its survey vessels with a Sea Machines SM300 autonomous control system. The Sea Machines system enables remote command of the vessel, including navigation and positioning, the control of on-board auxiliaries and sensors, and ship-to-shore data flow. The vessel, operating in multiple areas of the Wadden Sea,

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