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Dyena COVID-19 Support Forum

TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND ASSISTANCE FORUM Helping fight COVID-19 We have started a forum for people to share their requests for support in combating the virus. If you have skills to offer or are looking for support then please get involved. Topics include: Manufacturing, Design, Logistics, Analysis, Sourcing, etc. Click below to get involed.

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Solo RIB Driver becomes a Man Overboard – 18 Miles Offshore in the Irish Sea

Heading from Wales to Ireland for the start of the 2013 Round Ireland Challenge, Andy Proudfoot, the solo occupant of the 5 metre RIB ‘Merlin’ was ejected into the water 18 miles off St Ann’s Head in the Irish Sea. At the 2018 MAN OVERBOARD Prevention & Recovery Workshop in Southampton UK Andy recounted lessons

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Unmanned Surface Vehicles – USVs go from Concept to Service

Over the next decade the maritime sector is likely to see one of the largest changes since sail gave way to steam. Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) are now being considered for various marine roles and the drivers for rapid development are significant. The maritime sector now has the opportunity to shape technology developments from both

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