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About James Glover

A naval architect and design engineer with over 20 years experience in automotive, motorsport and high speed marine craft design with technical skills focused around mechanical, hydraulic and electrical system design. Before forming Dyena, James was Head of Engineering Design for a high performance powerboat company, focusing on defence and commercial high speed craft design.

Solo RIB Driver becomes a Man Overboard – 18 Miles Offshore in the Irish Sea

Heading from Wales to Ireland for the start of the 2013 Round Ireland Challenge, Andy Proudfoot, the solo occupant of the 5 metre RIB ‘Merlin’ was ejected into the water 18 miles off St Ann’s Head in the Irish Sea. At the 2018 MAN OVERBOARD Prevention & Recovery Workshop in Southampton UK Andy recounted lessons

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Unmanned Surface Vehicles – USVs go from Concept to Service

Over the next decade the maritime sector is likely to see one of the largest changes since sail gave way to steam. Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) are now being considered for various marine roles and the drivers for rapid development are significant. The maritime sector now has the opportunity to shape technology developments from both

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Utilising vessel data monitoring to improve crew safety

 Or “Why bother using data monitoring” In recent years there has been growing acceptance of the need to protect maritime crew from the shocks and impacts received during open water transits. This is evident in the explosion of shock mitigating seating products available and the associated press articles, conferences, and government contracts all based around

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Duty Of Care for Maritime Workers

For many years now we have acknowledged that professional powerboat users face an increased risk from injuries associated with the constant impacts they receive during their daily activities. It is not hard to imagine that constantly driving a rigid hull through a choppy sea will result in some uncomfortable moments, but we continue to ignore

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An upcoming workshop for maritime professionals will focus on sharing knowledge and practical experiences to improve safety at sea. The NEXT GEN Shock Mitigation Solutions Workshop will feature industry experts including KYDEX Technologies, Scot Seats - KPM Marine, Dyena Offshore, Shockwave and SEAir Flying Boats. John Haynes, managing director of Shock Mitigation and workshop lead,

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