Dyena has launched a version of their monitoring system aimed at manufacturers who want log vessel usage. The continuing drive for more power and performance in conjunction with shock mitigating seating becoming a standard fitment, owners are more easily able to push the limits of vessels potential.

Dyena OFFSHORE protects the boat builder from warranty claims caused by the vessel being driven beyond the structural limits or the skipper’s skill level. Hull impacts are measured over varying time periods and the results processed through customisable algorithms, allowing the manufacturer to safeguard against false warranty claims by verifying against the stored information.

A low profile helm display informs the user if they are approaching or exceeding preset thresholds, reducing the stress on the vessel whilst encouraging responsible driving.

With internal GPS, automatic calibration and 2 year memory capacity, the Dyena OFFSHORE system simply needs power connected to operate. Data can be automatically uploaded to the remote server or downloaded on the dockside for immediate analysis.