Connected ​vessel monitoring and crew tracking for increased safety and performance

  • Suitable for all vessel types

  • Solid Secure Hardware

  • Maintenance Free

  • Reduce Operating Costs

  • Safeguard Crew
  • Connected Monitoring

​Designed to be simple to fit and autonomous in operation, recording acceleration and vessel motion in 6 axes, GPS position and speed, along with the crew manifest; uploading all data to the cloud server for review from anywhere in the world.

Our solutions

Suitable for all vessel types

Installed on 5 m to 190 m vessels
Inshore patrol
Wind turbine transfer
Cargo monitoring

Solid Secure Hardware

IP67 rugged housing
Internal back up power
Encrypted data storage
Simple to fit and setup

Maintenance Free

Over 2 year memory
No access to hardware required
Data uploaded via internal wi-fi
Auto calibration

Reduce Operating Costs

Condition based maintenance
Warranty protection
Examine data for cause of damage
Ensure vessel is used within operational limits
Reduce lost days from work related illness and injury

Safeguard Crew

Monitor exposure to impacts
Automated crew tracking
Take preventative action

Improve training by identifying strengths and weaknesses

Connected Monitoring

Automatic uploads to remote server
View data via online portal
Integrated smartphone apps
Monitor the wellbeing and health of all personnel throughout the world


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